Case Study: To Upgrade or Replace?

case studyThe challenge
When a large Texas school district learned that their CMMS software was no longer going to be supported, they were faced with the dilemma of upgrading their FM software or replacing it with another off-the-shelf CMMS. The district, which maintains over 70 facilities across 55 campuses, had been using their CMMS software for a long time and were comfortable with it, but there were several components they felt didn’t work well for them, particularly reporting and dashboards. There was building pressure to abandon their existing CMMS and utilize the maintenance module of the installed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that the Finance Department was utilizing.

The Solution
Ensoft conducted a general review and assessment of the district’s FM operations and helped them clarify their vision for the department. Ensoft reviewed the various alternatives and based on the analysis recommended that upgrading their current software would best fit the district’s long-term objectives. Once the client decided to upgrade, Ensoft helped with the upgrade process and stayed engaged to assist with configuration, rollout and training of the upgraded CMMS software.

DistrictQuoteThe Result
The district’s FM department is now operating in a very proactive mode. With increased functionality and advanced reporting and dashboards, their CMMS system and its reporting dashboards are more relevant and part of the employees’ daily routines.

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